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    This tradition of social responsibility reflects the values of the entire chain, its owners and its employees. In addition to supporting many charitable organizations throughout the year, Saveurs des Continents also supports numerous community, social and sports associations. It also proudly organizes, an annual event to honour community volunteers, a family day and a non-perishable food drive during the holiday season.

    Every year in April, as part of Volunteer Week, the chain organizes an event in each of its restaurants to honour volunteers in every region for their outstanding service to the community. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the social engagement and selflessness of those individuals who, thanks to their commitment and sacrifice, contribute to the success of an important sector of our modern society by organizing social, community and sports activities not only for youth, adults and seniors in our communities, but also for the disabled and disadvantaged. Saveurs des Continents also provides free food to the volunteers who contribute their time to various social and sports activities throughout the year.

    Family Day is organized with a single objective in mind … to celebrate family! Based on a fun fair theme, the event includes outdoor inflatable games, clowns, performers, make-up artists, entertainment and music. This free all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-play family event, held in friendly surroundings, is appreciated by all who attend. Celebrating the importance of family goes hand in hand with Saveurs des Continent’s philosophy. We strive to help families by offering a wide selection of quality dishes at a reasonable price. That is why every child twelve years of age and under eats for free when accompanied by a parent, except on Saturdays when the buffet is almost half price for such children. Government issued I.D.must be shown providing the child’s age. Children under the age of four always eat for free.

    Families also include seniors. Celebrated every year on October 1, National Seniors Day is an opportunity for older people to enjoy a free lunch in exchange for making a donation to regional senior aid organizations that work collaboratively with the FADOQ (Quebec federation of senior citizens). Over the past two years, aid agencies have received $56,705 in such donations.

    Saveurs des Continents has held its non-perishable food drive every first Monday of December since 2004. Over the last 13 years, more than 77,000 people have eaten for free at our tables, donating over 384,000 pounds of food items.

    Each year, the non-perishable food items donated during the drive are delivered to various organizations known for distributing food and goods to families and individuals in need.

    Saveurs des Continents also sells gift certificates throughout the year of which, part of the proceeds helps to provide financial support to various foundations run by our regional hospitals.

    In addition, Saveurs des Continents restaurants have an agreement with local fire departments to ensure that fire victims receive free meals at the restaurant during the transition period. Thanks to our all-you-can-eat formula and the size of our restaurants, it’s an easy thing for us to do and we are always happy to support those in need.

    Any food that is not served is recovered after the lunch and evening shifts and is then distributed free of charge to needy people. Thanks to meticulous monitoring, the quality of the food is not compromised, and the rules of hygiene and cleanliness are observed throughout the process of transporting, preserving and serving it.

    Saveurs des Continents continues to develop these same types of partnerships with organizations in every community in which we are present. The success of each of our restaurants is proudly and dutifully shared. It has a direct impact on the communities we serve, by helping and supporting families, people living alone and children in need.


    Let’s celebrate Father’s Day

    Saveurs des Continents honours 1,350 individuals for their community contributions


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    The Christmas stocking campaign of the Saveurs des Continents brings in $ 23,146 for sick children

    Saveurs des Continents food drive collects 45,000 pounds of food

    Non-perishable food drive 2018 - The nine Saveurs des Continents restaurants collect 45,000 pounds of food, $7,540 and offer 7,400 people a free meal

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    Purchase a gift certificate and receive the full value while concurrently supporting your regional Children's hospital foundation.